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Computers are now becoming more power conscious, thinner, lighter and smaller in size, and feature rich in terms of I/O inter-connectivity. I/Os such as Type-C (10Gbps), eSATA (6 G), DisplayPort (8.1 Gbps), HDMI (6 Gbps), USB 3.1 (10 Gbps), and PCIe (8 Gbps) are found all over the PC. NXP provides routing and signal integrity enhancing solutions for all of these I/O standards. Within the peripheral market such as monitors and printers, the same signals can be found and thus demanding similar solutions.


NXP offers a number of products for the emerging USB Type-C® connector standard for ultra-mobile notebook / all-in-one PCs, tablet, and smartphones. They include high performance crossbar switches, Mux Switches, c switch and ic switch, USB 3.1 Gen2/ Gen1 and Display Port 1.4/ 1.2 ReDrivers/ Repeaters, and USB power delivery or USB Type-C power delivery (USB PD or USB C PD) solutions; such as charger controller, charger detection, intelligent power switches, AC-DC and DC-DC converter solutions, transient voltage protection voltage protection and discrete MOSFETs.

NXP Distributor's system expertise and large selection of reference designs allow engineers to design smarter, more robust Computer systems that create safer and efficient environments for Computer market.

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