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With more than 30 years of sensor innovation, NXP's sensing solutions portfolio launches a new era for the industry. NXP‘s next-generation sensors feature a strong balance of intelligent integration, logic and customizable platform software to enable smarter, more differentiated applications.



Accelerometers for automotive, IoT, industrial and medical applications.


Pressure Sensors

Gauge, differential, absolute and tire pressure monitors.


Magnetic Sensors

Angular sensors, speed sensors, magnetometers, eCompass.


I2C Digital Temperature Sensors

A vast portfolio of I2C logic products to choose from.


Silicon Temperature Sensors

Ensuring highly accurate measurement and a long operating life.


Sensor Evaluation Boards

Demonstration kits, shield development boards and breakout boards.


Sensor Designs

Jump-start your design with our sensor solutions.


Sensor Training

Explore our sensor training material here.


TPMS Software

NXP provide NXP firmware and software through royalty-free licenses to enhance and tailor our products to your needs.


Evaluation and Visualization Software

Learn about NXP visualization and evaluation software as part of the Sensor Toolbox ecosystem.


IoT Sensing Software Development Kit (ISSDK)

Embedded software framework for the Sensor Toolbox enabling digital and analog sensors platforms for IoT applications.

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